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KevinKevin Kirkwood – Lead Editor
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Kevin has worked as a business executive in an insurance firm before joining Janmorgan Media as the major business correspondent. After joining here, he has helped craft not only some of the insightful articles but also regular articles that don’t compromise perspective. If not checking out business publications or news, you can see him listening to music.You may conatct him  at

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Barbara Cox – Editor
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Barbara is the person who wants to see how technology can enhance the lives. SHe’s also a gadget-freak, who tries out almost every device that is released in the market. Janmorgan Media has benefited from the insight in the articles from the technology sector. SHe’s also interested in the business world, which now grows in parallels with the tech world You may contact her at

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Franklin Davis – Associate Editor
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Franklin did work as a medical representative before joining the health sector of Janmorgan Media. While his past as a writer has helped him write wonderful articles, what really matters is the insight he has in the world of health and medicine. He’s also our unofficial diet manager for the office, and you can find him reading some motivational books most of the time.You may contact him at

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Rebecca Sandoval – Author & Contributor
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Rebecca always wanted to be a scientist, but she settled down for scientific communication when she found the expertise in the command of language. Right now, Rebecca contributes regularly to the science sector of the Janmorgan Media, offering insightful perspectives very often. You may contact her at

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