Lauren Sanchez’s Brother Filed Case Against Amazon CEO for Defamation


The world’s richest man, Jeff Bezos, will now struggle in court for a family matter. Reportedly, Michael Sanchez has filed a lawsuit against Mr. Bezos for defaming him. Well, the story started in the previous year when the National Enquirer, a publisher, released personal messages of the billionaire. The Amazon CEO has always remained in the limelight for his extra-marital affair with Lauren Sanchez. Last year, in April, the billionaire settled divorce case with wife MacKenzie Bezos. At the same time, many rumors pointed at Mr. Bezos’ relationship with Lauren. Meanwhile, a tabloid released news detailing the affair of Bezos, relying on Michael Sanchez, brother of Lauren Sanchez.

Now, the litigation claims Bezos falsely blamed Michael Sanchez of providing personal text messages and nude images of Lauren and Mr. Bezos. Notably, the confidential information of the billionaire ended up in the hands of the tabloid. As mentioned above, The Enquirer utilized those chats and imagery to expose the relationship between Bezos and Lauren Sanchez. Michal has claimed in the case that due to Bezos’ reports, the FBI raided his home. Even more, Michael has experienced a backlash from business associates as well as friends due to the allegations. All in all, Lauren’s brother has claimed that he has sustained extensive harm as a result of Mr. Bezos’ accusations.

In the proceeding, Michael claimed he had upheld the role of both a compliant manager and brother towards Lauren. Whereas, some reports reveal Michael has received payment worth $200,000 from the tabloid last week for leaking the information. On the other hand, Lauren has outlined her brother’s complaint against Mr. Bezos as fake and groundless. Lauren’s brother has denied accepting his participation in the leak, saying he is indicting Bezos for unknown damages. Well, the news arrives after a report revealed that prosecutors have proof that the messages were sent from Lauren’s mobile to Michael’s cell. According to Terry Bid, Lauren’s attorney, she has blamed Michael for the leak. Lauren said he has secretly offered my personal data to the National Enquirer. She called it profound and inexcusable disloyalty.