daimler which owns mercedes benz declared to cut more than 10000 jobs worldwide

Daimler Which Owns Mercedes Benz Declared To Cut More Than 10000 Jobs Worldwide


When it comes to the automobile industry, many companies here are trying to change their way of business by focusing more on electric vehicles. The German car making company Daimler which also owns Mercedes-Benz has decided to cut more than 10000 jobs worldwide. The German car making company had shocked everyone when they announced there would be a five-digit job cutting in upcoming years.

Daimler’s spokesperson said that the company is going through historical changes, and this decision is one of those which might help the company’s long term policies. Recently Audi, which is another German car making company, said they are going to cut 9500 jobs in few years. However, when people haven’t gotten over the shock given by Audi, Daimler has shocked everyone with this announcement. Daimler is focusing on reducing its staff with the help of a program that will save up to 1.4 Billion Euros by the end of 2022.

The company is trying to focus on building electric cars, which is going to need more investments in the form of capital. This reduction of employees will free up some money for the giant company to invest in their futuristic projects. The company’s officials said that they are going to reduce their employees in a socially acceptable manner. As of now, it has more than 300000 employees worldwide who are working in more than 17 countries around the world. The company said that they have already started talking with workers union and will make a decision after considering their point of view. However, with this news, one thing’s became sure that the traditional way of building a car is getting obsolete, and big companies are focusing on innovative ways. Though it doesn’t mean the end of the car industry, it sure means a lot of things for those people who will be unemployed in the next few months.