a man who was licked by his dog found to be dead

A Man Who Was Licked By His Dog Found To Be Dead


A piece of surprising news is shocking to everyone where a man was found to be dead just because his dog licked him. A report shows that a healthy man was found to be dead because of deadly bacteria found in his body, which usually found in a dog’s saliva. The report shows the man was healthy, but because of constant pain in his muscles and legs, he had been admitted into a hospital where doctors started the usual treatment. However, when the patient’s kidney stopped to give any positive response, they did multiple tests. They found that there were bacteria in his body, which is usually found in a dog’s saliva. The man was not bitten by his dog because there were no signs of any injury on his body. However, made an inquiry, it’s been found the bacteria must’ve been transmitted into his body through licking. The bacteria which caused the death of this man are usually found in a cat or dog and could be more dangerous than anyone’s expectations.

Doctors said they found severe kidney injury, multiple organ failure, and rhabdomyolysis in his body. The patient was transferred to an intensive care unit where he was given antibiotics; however, that did not help him, and his health deteriorated to the very lowest level in the next thirty hours of admission. Eventually, brain disease, which was caused by a significant paralysis attack, also a kidney failure weakened his body severely.

The man was put on a ventilator when doctors found he was unable to breathe, but that did not help his body also, and eventually, he died. Doctors said the bacteria which were found in his body is severe and must have been transmitted when the dog licked his owner. A similar case had already happened in Wisconsin, where a man lost both his legs and hands after getting affected by bacteria.