a dietician suggest food to be taken before or after workout

A dietician suggest food to be taken before or after workout


In the era of intermittent fasting, eating trends, ketones, etc., nutrition information can quickly become confusing. This makes it more challenging to decide what to eat before exercising. Should it be a low-carbon ketone snack? Still a high protein ancient protein? No matter which nutritional concept you use, you want to eat something that will help you throughout your workout to help you reach your fitness goals.

So how do you know what works best for you? I turned to an expert who knew about athletic performance: Rasa Troup, a former nutritionist at Olympia, specializing in sports and sports nutrition. Even if you are not an athlete, the following tips and scientific findings can help you better understand how to replenish energy through food and recover from exercise.  Eating before workout can cause some people to lose their appetite, while others want food on the menu to help them gain energy during training. But even if you eat (or eat) before you exercise, it depends on the person, but when deciding whether or not to eat, everyone should keep in mind some critical criteria.

First of all, if you are exercising in the morning, chances are that you don’t even have time to consider food, let alone prepare before going out. But an empty stomach workout may not help you. Helping you is not an exact science. Although some foods are known to provide you with more energy and support muscles (such as protein and carbohydrates), you should choose foods that are easy to digest and do not because of stomach upset (unless you want to stop). Mid-term workout. One thing is perfect for your health, but it is not suitable for your exercise? Fiber. “Try to avoid high fibrous foods falling into the stomach (such as broccoli, cruciferous vegetables, or beans). You want to eat some food that doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable (by sitting in your stomach), so blood flow Will smoothly enter the stomach – you want blood flow into your muscle tissue,” Troup said. It may be particularly useful to consume collagen peptides before exercise, such as adding them to coffee, as they provide proteins that help muscle development. Collagen also helps prevent damage during use. Nitrite improves performance and durability but does not require the addition of large amounts of beet juice, as supplements or concentrated pills can help you get nitrates more efficiently.