ways to claim social security before the age of 62

Ways to Claim Social Security before the age of 62


An individual invests money into Social Security throughout his working life, but he can’t touch the money until the age of 62. This period can seem very long, especially for those who are counting on the money from Social Security to utilize for their daily needs. Nevertheless, there are exceptions to the 62 age rule. In certain scenarios, you can claim Social Security before the given age bar.

Social Security also helps disabled workers & their families fulfill their necessary expenses. To take the benefits of social security based on the disability, the state government has strict rules, and one must submit a claim request to begin the approval process. The Administration of Social Security will review your case to verify that if one is genuinely disabled and has worked the appropriate number of years to qualify for the social security benefits. If the condition of the disabled person improves to the point where he can work again, it may end his disability benefits, but he will still be eligible able for Social Security retirement benefits at the age of 62. Surviving spouses can claim Social Security benefits based on their partner’s work record at 62 or as early as 55 if they are disabled. If the surviving spouse is taking care of the child of a deceased spouse who is under the age of 16 or disabled, he/she will be able to claim the benefits. Widowers & widows must have been married to their partner for ten months, at least, to claim the benefits. If one remarries before 62 or 55, he/she will no longer be eligible to claim for survivor’s benefits. If one remarries after the age of 62, he/she will still be able to claim the social security benefits

The children of the deceased person & disabled workers of the age of 62 are also eligible to claim the Social Security benefits, but they must qualify specific criteria. The unmarried children, the children age 18 or up to 19. under the age of 18 and disabled before 22. Under certain situations, benefits are also given to the grandchildren, stepgrandchildren, stepchildren, & adopted children by the Social Security Administration. If one is qualified for Social Security under one of these situations, he or she must notify the Social Security Administration over the phone or in person. One can also apply online in some cases