Apple’s AirPods Pro The Latest Trend for Earbuds

Apple AirPods Pro: The Latest Trend for Earbuds

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Apple’s new AirPods Pro will arrive in the market tomorrow, i.e., 30th October. The tech giant has just announced the latest set of more expensive premium AirPods that come with additional attributes like sweat resistance and noise cancellation. The AirPods Pro addresses one concern that some people had with the ordinary AirPods; it is fitting. The AirPods will be available in three different sizes of silicone ear tips. So users now just have to swap out those caps to get the right fit of their size. The tech giant says the buds also assist in forming a seal for noise cancellation. Even more, a transparency mode will focus outside so that users will be able to hear things happening around them. Now it is a common feature which other companies have implemented and which Apple-owned Beats offer on its latest Beats Pro headphones.

The company has offered different sizes of silicone ear tips to deploy a comfortable and secure fit. Even more, it is an effort to avoid any discomfort. Apple asserts the AirPods Pro has an in-built vent system to prevent building up of pressure inside the user’s ears. Like the previous version of AirPods, the new Pro models are both water- and sweat-resistant. This feature will enable users to use the AirPods at outdoor, even at a gym.

To offer actual audio quality, the AirPods Pro comes with an adjustable EQ, which automatically tunes bass and mid-tones depending on the shape of the user’s ear. It also has a custom high cyanide range amplifiers that deploy an amazingly clear sound. Apart from this, it offers voice controls through Siri. A unique feature of audio sharing will allow multiple users to listen to music on the same Apple device. Notably, a dictation feature will read out incoming texts or newly received messages. Now, it seems like Samsung has taken a lot of effort to solve the complaints about the original AirPods. Above all, the latest one has a more ergonomic design.