Legionnaires’ Disease Spread Through Hot Tub Display at NC Fair Killed 2 People

Legionnaires’ Disease Spread Through Hot Tub Display at NC Fair Killed 2 People


Legionnaires’ disease continues to spread across North California. More than 100 cases of, the disease caused by Legionella, have been reported across the state. Reportedly, a display of hot tubs at the North California Mountain State Fair is liable for the rapidly spreading epidemic of Legionnaires’ disease. New cases of the disease have started emerging just after the event. A news release from the North California Department of Health and Human Services reveals the surprising number of people affected by the disease. So far, officials have confirmed the presence of 134 cases of pneumonia.

Reportedly, all of the Legionnaires’ patients had walked from a very close distance from the hot tub display. As a result, tiny droplets of water present in the air had reached the nervous system of people. Even more, it became an airborne disease. Around 88 of the affected-people have been admitted to the hospital. Beyond that, the Legionnaires epidemic has taken the lives of two people. As per the NC Department of Health, the patients do not have the actual form of the disease. While they are suffering from Pontiac fever, which is a milder form of Legionnaires’. Officials have noted that the disease might have contracted people residing in multiple states including North California countries.

On the other hand, officials have blamed the hot tub display because it offers a nourishing and favorable environment to microorganisms. Even more, mist produced by the tubs can easily enter into the human body through breathing. Legionnaires’ is a type of bacterial infection which occurs due to a bacteria Legionella. It affects the functioning of the lungs and results in symptoms like pneumonia. Sometimes, it may lead to fatal outcomes. Nausea and vomiting are some of the common symptoms of the disease.

According to the US CDC, antibiotics can be used to treat Legionnaires’. The American health agency notes 1 out of 10 people fall ill and die due to the disease. As per the health officials of North California, around 200 people get contracted to Legionnaires’ every year. For now, they are closely monitoring the ongoing epidemic as they suspect to have more number of confirmed cases in the upcoming week.