Trumps decision against vaping industry sends shock wave

Trumps decision against vaping industry sends shock wave


Trump administration has banned almost all flavored types of vaping products. This decision has sent a shockwave in the vaping industry as they have close ties with the government. Juul lab, silicon start-up company had done everything it could to extol its products, but they too were flushed out with other industries.

This decision has especially Juul has become under the observation after seven teens died because of mysterious lung infection tied to vaping. Representatives of Juul had talked to hill republicans regarding the possibilities to challenge the ban on mint and menthol-flavored e-cigarettes which are its top-selling products. They’re still actively talking to folks to try to help shape what happens,” said a former senior administration official who said he has recently spoken with Juul lobbyists. “The fight they’re making it all about mint and menthol, to be able to keep it.”

Some experts say that major players such as Juul might profit from this decision in the long run since the smaller competitors might not be to keep up with the ban. 35% of the share in Jull is owned by tobacco giant Altria. “We are going to make it clear that this is the wrong approach, that it will literally cut down an entire industry that has grown up, with 166,000 jobs, to challenge the tobacco industry, and they are mostly small businesses,” said Tony Abboud, executive director of the trade group. The users of e-cigarette and supporters have been complaining about the decision through tweets and have been trying to move a petition against the ban.

The problem came into limelight when FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb saw data showing a 78 percent jump in high schoolers using e-cigarettes. “E-cigs have become an almost ubiquitous — and dangerous — trend among teens,” he said then. Even though e-cigarettes came to market as an alternative for tobacco this has created a huge addiction problem among teens.