Renewable energy may not be the most efficient solution for climate change

Renewable energy may not be the most efficient solution for climate change


According to Democratic presidential candidates, one of the most effective solutions for climate change is the expansion of renewable energy, but around the world, situation is different since the electricity is getting more expensive, subsidies are expiring and various projects are getting blocked because of wildlife conservation and local communities.

Germany is the world leader in the field of renewable energy, to meet the climate change targets it needed to create1400 turbines per year but only 35 of them were installed this year.“While climate activist Greta Thunberg is sailing with wind power to the Sustainability Summit in New York,” wrote Die Welt, “the German wind power industry is sailing into the doldrums.”

In Ohio, lawmakers recently pulled back renewable energy mandates because of the high cost and chose to subsidize nuclear plants. These show that around the world renewable energy is making electricity more costly, even though promises were made that it will come down gradually. Due to the heavy deployment of renewable plants, the electricity in California raised seven times more than the rest of the country and the electricity price have gone up by 50% in Germany since 2006.

“German electricity consumers will again have to pay higher subsidies to producers of green electricity in the next two years,” reported Die Welt last month.

One of the major problems faced by the solar and wind farms are the requirement of large land, these farms will require 400 to 750 times more land than nuclear and natural plants. The hydro-electric dams can play an important role only in places that have powerful rivers. In places such as Germany, endangered species protection has become an obstacle for industrial wind developers.

Looking at the limitations in renewables the democrats will pinpoint the nuclear energy in the future, as the solution to save the planet instead of Solar and wind energy.