Clean water made by the Obama administration is to be compromised

Clean water made by the Obama administration is to be compromised


A clean water regulation made during the Obama administration was repelled by the Trump administration last Thursday. This regulation made by the Obama administration had helped to reduce pollution in streams and rivers. The waters of the United States rule contained a lengthy set of environmental rules.

For the past two years, the government has been trying its best to remove this rule, which has caused a great hindrance to chemical, coal and automobile companies. Removal of this rule would mean that there will be no need to check the pollutants that will be thrown into the rivers. The Trump administration is proceeding with this decision by using the sentiments that the Clean Water Act has become a “heavy burden for farmers”. “Today’s final rule puts an end to an egregious power-grab,” Andrew Wheeler, the administrator of the E.P.A., said Thursday in a news conference. Mr. Wheeler said the rollback would mean “farmers, property owners and businesses will spend less time and money determining whether they need a federal permit and more time building infrastructure.”

Many of the agricultural groups have come up with support. “When you take private property rights from a man who’s worked all his life,” Zippy Duvall, president of the American Farm Bureau Federation, “that is very intrusive to him and it’s something he just can’t stand for.” Many of the environmentalists warn against this movement, the rule was set up in such a way that it will reduce pollution 60% in water bodies, water rule had also restricted farmers from using certain types of ploughing method and growing certain crops near the banks of rivers and get E.P.A permits in using some chemical pesticides

A new replacement will be written by the same Environmental Protection Agency and the Army Corps of Engineers who wrote the original Obama water rule.