Trump moves to the next election without a clear policy agenda

Trump moves to the next election without a clear policy agenda


Without a clear-cut idea or policies, President Trump is getting ready for the next elections as the current administration is moving into the closing months of the year.

President Trump had been criticized deeply for his stand in trade with China, environmental policies and personal attacks on Democratic lawmakers. “Does he want a few more wins? Of course. Everything is a competition with him, he’s extraordinarily impatient, and he would spend every week signing bills — any bills — if he could,” said Brendan Buck, who served as a spokesman for the former Republican speaker, Paul D. Ryan. “At the same time, he’s far removed from the normal convention of how we look at presidents. His supporters care far more about the persona than the policy,” Mr. Buck added.

There had been mixed signs regarding his willingness to negotiate. During his State of the Union address in February he had called action on infrastructure “a necessity”, yet the meeting to discuss the subject with the Democratic leaders was cancelled. Mr. Trump also failed to give valid reasons regarding his talk of action on health care. His final decision regarding the strengthening of gun control laws after a mass shooting in summer is yet to be known.

One of the White House spokesmen said in a statement that Mr. Trump has boasted of being the most successful president in history. “Along with record job growth, rising wages, fair and reciprocal trade deals, energy independence, lower prescription drug prices, criminal justice reform, securing our border and judicial appointments who uphold the Constitution, this president is helping America win again, but his work is far from over,” said the spokesman, Judd Deere

Mr. Buck believes that President intends to focus on campaigning rather than policies. “He was not particularly upset when we lost the House, and that’s because he sees the benefit of having a foil to run against,” he said. “Ultimately he controls what we talk about, and he’s made clear he doesn’t need a policy win to control the conversation, for better or worse.”