Infant formula: A Success Formula For New Start-ups in Silicon Valley

Infant Formula: A Success Formula For New Start-ups in Silicon Valley


Increasing population is, in turn, increasing the infant population in the US and across the world. Besides, it is creating a massive opportunity for the infant formula and baby food market. The startups in the silicon valley are noting the sensation, and many of them are entering the booming market. Laura Modi’s Bobbie Baby is one such startup company. Although, infant formula provides an option for breastfeeding. On one side, organizations like the World Health Organization (WHO) are creating awareness about the benefits of breastfeeding. Whereas, many parents are switching to these instant formulae as a supplement or as an alternative for breastmilk. There are numerous reasons for this switch, such as health problems to an infant or the mother, and inadequate maternal leaves in the US.

The startups in Silicon Valley are utilizing this opportunity. Those companies are launching new technologies to aid in mothers nurturing their infants via improved infant formulae, breast pumps, which are user-friendly. Even more, the startups are either focusing on making new formulae or modifying the existing ones to enhance their blends. Sugarlogix is one such company which is focusing on recreating most commonly found sugars in the breastmilk via state of the art gene-editing tools and technologies.

Laura Modi, a former Airbnb employee along with her former colleague Sarah Hardy, have founded Bobbie Baby. They have raised 2.5 Mn USD as capital funding for this venture. Europe has a set of rules to govern the ingredients that brands use in their products, and some parents trust European formulas are nutritious. So Modi had decided to form a start-up that would basically re-develop European formula for the American market. But, within ten days, the US FDA issued a warning in June against the consumption of their formula. The complaints said that the infant formula lacked an adequate amount of nutrition for premature and low birthweight babies. Also, the company had manufactured the recipe in Germany and then imported to the US. Modi said that their company would overcome these complaints and bounce back in the market with a greater impact.