Doctors Suggest Preventive Medicine to Combat Gun Violence

Doctors Suggest Preventive Medicine to Combat Gun Violence


It keeps happening… twice in a day. Well, I am talking about gun violence, which has surprised people worldwide. But there are very few who can help with a solution. While discussing the issue with a group of seven doctors, three of them said they have recently treated a gunshot victim. Almost half of them had responded positively. Dr. Stephaine Bonne said when people bring their family member to the hospital, they should get a cure regardless of the patient’s condition. Thus, a panel of doctors is suggesting to opt for preventive medicine. Day to day public shootings are rising in the USA.

Last year, in Chicago, more than 40 medical agencies had gathered to combat a significant number of deaths that occur every year in the country. At the time, doctors Boone, Niva Lubin Johnson, and Megan Ranney came together. Even more, doctors Stewart, Albert Osbahr, Mitchell and Chris Barsotti were there. Br. Barsotti said this has not happened in the past, and doctors identify gun violence as an outbreak that they can deal with. The conference followed the National Rifle Association’s (NRA) tweet that assisted inflame a movement. In November 2018, the NRA tweeted that someone should notify arrogant anti-gun doctors to stay in their line. UK’s trauma surgeon Dr. Bonne clicked a picture of the waiting area. After that, in response to NRA’s tweet, he posted it on Twitter along with a message. Around thousands of medical professions had responded the hashtag.

Dr. Ranney functions as a chief research officer at Affirm. It is an agency attempting to combat gun violence by using the same treatments which doctors use to control issues like the opioid crisis, heart disease, and obesity. This approach to deal with public health issues is old news. Before this, doctors have assisted in combating many issues like speaking about tobacco risks along with promoting safe sex to fight against HIV and AIDS. They have also functioned with the vehicle industry to ensure safety on roads and in cars.

Currently, they aim to wipe out gun violence of all types. Notably, mass shooting accounts for less than a percent of deaths which take place due to firearms. As per the statistics, most of the deaths are due to suicide, followed by homicide and then accidents. Preventing these deaths is not easy due to the 1996 law that defunds any research at the CDC for boosting gun control.