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A New Setting in Apple iOS 13 Will Allow Users to Resize App Icons on iPad Home Screen

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Apple, an American multinational technology company, has launched iOS 13 beta version with some new and amazing surprises. Notably, the company aims to launch a formerly un-announced feature that will enable users to rescale apps on the home screen. It is the first-ever function which offers the functionality to users. In technical terms, users will gain the ability to customize the grid layout. Now the setting of the entire grid layout will have an additional column of setting smaller or larger app icons. Besides, one can change the appearance and resize app icons by going into settings and tapping App Icon Size item in the list.

The feature is beneficial for users who wish to have some correspondence of home-screen modification on the advanced tablets. The latest feature in Apple’s iPadOS will enable customers to minimize and maximize the dimensions of app icons on a tablet’s home page for fitting more app icons on a single page. Reportedly, the feature is available in the fifth beta of Apple’s OS for now. Still, it remains unclear when the new feature of iOS 13 will become available officially for the iPhone. (It seems doubtful for now). With the new functionality, users can often add or reduce as many columns on the home screen. They also have a choice among two layouts, i.e., 4 x 5 and 6 x 5. The company has labeled both layouts as bigger and more, respectively. Even more, the caption below the functionality reveals one can change between 20-30 apps on an individual screen.

As noted above, it is the first time; Apple has enabled its users to perform changes at such an intense level. Along with the exclusive setting, there are some other developments in the latest iOS beta. It consists of some new wallpapers and finer options for volume control which will offer various sound levels to a sum of 34. Apart from this, the company has added Shortcuts to the iOS Share Sheet, which will provide faster access to users.